our pricing v. competition


Each PC we build is unique in its own right with different components, cases, and colors. No computer we build is the same, each customer comes to use with different needs and requirements, which we tailor to in each build we do.

Below you will find a comparison of a competitors custom build v. our build and pricing.


Ryzen 3600

RTX 2060

16GB DDR4 3000mhz ram

Premium B450 motherboard

750w PSU Gold Rated

NZXT 500 case

240mm Water Cooler

Competitor Price: $1746.00 + shipping

Our Price: $1550.37 (no shipping for locals!)

Our Competitor would like to charge you $1746.00 + shipping for this build. This truly is a premium price for a product that does not carry the same premium parts that we use. Our competitors buy hardware in bulk and at a lower tier of quality to keep profits high. That's not how we Operate! We use premium parts and give them to customers at the lowest possible price to ensure that you get the best PC possible. We even ensure all computers come with colored sleeved cables where our competitor doesn't!

We take serious pride in our work and refuse to compromise. Arctic was started to compete with bloated boutique builders and bring the best possible product to customers while keeping prices reasonable.

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