Collider Build (Recommended for Price/Performance)


Each PC we build is unique in its own right with different components, cases, and colors. Here is a good example of gaming rig for a great price that will slay all titles out there!!

PRICE: $1260 


ryzen 2600

Asus ROG b450 motherboard

GTX 1060 6gb

16gb 2666mhz ram

1tb SSD

Cryorig H7 cooler

650w PSU

Fans (color of your choice)

Sleeved cables (color of your choice)

Phanteks P300 case (white/black)

650w PSU (80+ Bronze/semi modular)

Windows 10

Free virus protection and system maintenance

AVERAGE FPS at 1080p High-Ultra Settings (*5% variance):

PUBG: 68 fps

Fortnite: 102 fps

World of Warcraft: 77 fps

Battlefield 5: 62 fps

Overwatch 101 fps

League of Legends : 188 fps

Fallout 4: 70 fps

RB6 Siege: 80 fps

Prices and Services

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